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                 Welcome to the Website for Worldwide josie carter productions llc Events….where you can MeetWhoYouTweet®! Tweet them on Twitter, Chat on Tumblr, Post Photos on Instagram, Friend them on Facebook, Watch them on your favorite YouTube Channel…and then you can Meet them Face-to-Face!

JCP, LLC started the 2013 Event GLADIATORSunite® because of #Scandal!! Scandal brought #GLADIATORS together in front of the TV, Twitter, Tumblr and other SOCIALMedia sites. There, we became a connected #hashtag family! Together we Tweet, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook together, Laugh together, Cry together and of course, Ship #Olitz®  Our social interaction has transcended from Scandal to others shows, and agendas…politics, food, home improvement, climate change, whatever!!

Josie Carter Productions, LLC is the Event Organizer for Worldwide SOCIALMediaMeets® Events a National Convention, which started its first year in New York City and its last event in Los Angeles CA in 2014. Attendees hailing from more than 30 states and five or more countries, are a diverse group of international, multicultural, multi-generational dedicated individuals who UNITE in one central location to Meet-&-Greet and discuss our common interest of our favorite shows, politics, movies and to support various charities, and causes.

josie carter productions, llc is transitioning into a different format for our national conventions, we will host our first WEEO! event (Women Empowering Each Other) Conference on Friday, March 8 – Sunday, March 10, 2019 in New York.

 While we have enjoyed these meetups over the last few years, we have also realized that it’s time to shift our focus from these types of events to ones that empowers and inspires.

Thus, WEEO! was birthed.

As we know, women have always played an important role in the lives of our families, and in efforts to affect positive change in our communities. This is still true today. What is also true is that now more than ever, and in our opinion for years to come, it will take our perseverance and persistence to ensure our voices are heard socially, economically and politically. That’s where WEEO! comes in. What is WEEO!? It’s an event that will bring women of various races, cultures and backgrounds together from around the world to meet and discuss women’s causes, highlight and celebrate women, and uplift each other in a supportive, empowering and inspiring atmosphere.

 If you are interested in being a panelists, please contact us at weeo.universal@gmail.com

You are asked to be available for at least one full hour prior to and at least one hour after the panel for photos with attendees. The discussion will focus on women in the workplace, sexual harassment, pay gap and many other women issues, and will last approximately 2 ½ – 3 hours. This includes time for Q&A by audience members.

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**Dates May Change


88 Responses to Welcome to josiecarterproductions,llc!

  1. Looking forward to reconnecting with all my #Gladiators! Will alway ship #Olitz! 🙆🙅🏻 Jay

  2. lakeisha says:

    This is Lakeisha my dad want to be on empire he won’t in audition can u reply back please

  3. Venice Pearson says:

    I would love to go. Especially D.C!

  4. Daphney Parson says:

    Will definetly try to make it to this event this will be a great start to my bday

  5. Herminia Rendon says:

    Sure would love to meet the cast.

  6. Renee Jacobs says:

    I’m interested in attending gladiators unite in DC. Would love to know more about it. Would love to meet the Gladiator family.

  7. Oooooh I’m so excited !!!! I’m just outside Philadelphia and I would love to meet some of my gladiator family. I will be there come HELL OR HIGH WATER. LOL

  8. Rhonda says:

    Yeah! I am so looking forward to this in DC!

  9. Genevea Phillips says:

    I am a Bermuda gladiators and it would be nice one year to have the gladiatorsunite here in Bermuda one year. Please think of us.

  10. Stoney Westmoreland says:

    I play Hal on Scandal. Hoping to be able to stop in and say hi.

    • Of course Stoney….we would love for you to stop by…Bring whomever you like!! Our Panels begin at 5pm on Sat night; however, if you’d like to join us on Fri night that’d be great too! 6pm is Registration!! Come Meet the GLADIATORS!!

  11. Linda Goodwin says:

    I enjoyed so much the trip to NYC last year with my daughter! It was great to meet many of you there. It’s not in the cards to go this year, but I am certainly looking forward to attending next year!!

    Linda G

  12. Antonette Russell @scandalhooked says:

    This Florida Gladiator just needs to pack her bags as tickets have been purchase, hotel booked. Cant wait to reunite with my fellow Gladiators and meet new Gladiators come August. Thanks Josie for taking the time to bring us together each year.

  13. Definitely going to try and come this year!

  14. patricia johnson/carden says:

    Looking forward to seeing the gladiators. I just love Scandal and can’t wait to meet my follow sisters.

  15. Lenora Lofton says:

    Hi. Is there a late registration available? I just found out about this.

    Thank you.

  16. letiwas says:

    Next year, (or one year), Gladiators should Unite in Bermuda. There are many gladiators here who can work with GLADIATORSunite to make it an awesome experience!

  17. Letitia says:

    Next year (or one year) the host country should be Bermuda! There are many gladiators here who can work with you to make it happen!

  18. Copper Cunningham says:

    I had no idea watching Scandal, would be such an awesome experience! Watching with others who enjoy the program is electrifying!

  19. Geneva says:

    Such a cool idea. I recall the beginning of Scandal when all we had was twitter. Hoping I can come to the event. Didn’t hear about it last year. Keep me posted!

  20. Maya says:

    I can t wait gladiator from Minneapolis Minnesota see you in Cali for summer scandal it is handled

  21. @SweetTea333 says:

    It’s Handled! Northern California Gladiator !

  22. Letitia Carter says:

    So Happy to be a Gladiator = We love Kerry, Tony & the rest of the gladiators here in Grand Rapids

  23. shanna says:

    Olitz “Over A Cliff”!!! 🙂

  24. Renee says:

    Will there be panel discussions?

  25. Diane Brown says:

    This gladiator is an Olitz, Dabby, Huckleberryquinn, Harrison loving popehead and Scandal Feind! Glad to meet u all!

  26. Karen Elizabeth Trivett says:

    Hi! I live in Australia and Would love to attend & meet all the Gladiators that I tweet, tumblr, FB with if they attend 🙂

  27. Monique Valentine (@cocovalentine) says:

    You should consider doing the TMZ tour as an outing. There’s a good chance of a celebrity sighting.

  28. Deborah A. McClendon says:

    I’m a huge fan of Scandal. Very happy to be part of the Gladiator family!

  29. My first trip to NY was in May for the “Gladiators Meet Up”. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to meet friends that this show has created in the Twitterverse. See you in LA2014…

  30. Gail Sherard says:

    I’ll be there…

  31. Venice says:

    I can’t wait to see all my fellow Gladiators under the California sun!

  32. Manuela says:

    HI… 😀 i’m Manuela,, I’m italian’s gladiator, and I love Fitz!!!!and…….Me ❤ and Liv

  33. Pamela Mack says:

    I am a Cali Gladiator. I wear a suit. I don’t ask questions…I just show up ready!

  34. Kristie says:

    I’m interested
    I’ll be cool

  35. susan wangari says:

    Love my big sis Kerry true inspiration… Love scandal… Woohoo Boston gladiator

  36. Sharon Bond says:

    Hello Gladiators I can’t wait for the 2nd annual meet up 2014 LA style, Thank you Ms Josie our President!!! #teamOlitzs, I’m registered everyone don’t forget to Pre-Register its important

    • GLADIATORSunite2012 says:

      Thanks Sharon! The earlier you pay fee, the earlier you pay hotel and airfare the sooner you can save for Aug! 10 months to save!! ALL PAYMENTS must be made by April 1st!!
      See you in LA!!!

  37. Pam says:

    I am keen to attend this. I live in the UK but anything to do with Scandal and I am in. Will combine it with a little vacay on the West Coast

  38. ScandalEYES'd says:

    Ready to meet, greet and tweet in LA!

  39. Andre says:

    I am a die hard scandal fanattic and I look forward to tha California meet and greet

  40. Francoise Eberhardt says:

    I want to come to the ” Gladiators Meet Up” August 2014….

    • outlawjozscandal says:

      Make sure you Pre-register!! Official Registration begins Oct 1st!! When the non-refundable fee needs to be paid. Top 50 paid registrations vie for Gift Basket

  41. cherrie shird says:

    next year will be so much fun it will be our first time in California can’t wait.

  42. cherrie shird says:

    can’t wait for next year me and my daughter.

  43. Pamela Mack says:

    I am proud to be a Gladiator…I rush in …I do not ask questions…

  44. NAB says:

    I will be there for the August 2014 Gladiators meet-up.

  45. It took me ‘One Minute’ to fall in love with Olitz and ‘Over A Cliff’ for Gladiators In Suits!

  46. I’m an italian gladiator. I love Scandal and Olitz. I’m glad to have met!

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