#WEEO!2019 An EMPIRE state of Mind

josie carter productions, llc presents

WEEO! Inaugural Event 

Women’s History Month March 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019 to Sunday, March 17, 2019

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We are a Diverse Group of individuals whether we are women or men, we talk about what matters to us and our country! We talk about EVERYTHING from television news shows to today’s politics….
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WEEO!2019~~Women Warriors  will do what they Do Best….Talk about all things that Empower Them! But most of All….Enjoy their talks with their Twitter Bestie!

***TO PURCHASE Early Bird TICKET click here Early Bird Rate Link!! Early Bird tickets can only be purchased from June 1, 2018 until October  1, 2018***

WEEO! Event Schedule

Friday, March 15, 2019

6pm – 9pm

Meet N Greet your Besties and Twitter friends

Wear your favorite Woman Empowerment outfit ~ Best Dressed Wins Prize

Saturday morning, March 16, 2019

Apollo Tour ($20 cash-must let me know if interested, need 20 or more people)

911 Memorial Tour

Staten Island Ferry Free

Saturday late afternoon and night, March 16, 2019

o Dinner w/Women Warriors and jcpllc Team (Harlem Mist)

o Meet N Greet- Cash bar

o WEEO! Panel and  Dinner ~~ 4pm -9pm

o Karaoke @ the Stout Bar  ~~ 10pm until

Sunday Farewell  March 17, 2019

Meet at Breakfast Bar to say Farewell

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

UNSCHEDULED EVENTS~ On Your Own (Buy a 7 day Metro card for $31 plus $1 card fee $32)  to have unlimited travel on buses and subways) *Cheaper than adding money

TOURS around the city

or Tour Bus Hop on Hop off


* Click here if READY to REGISTER

 Any questions? Email: weeo.universal@gmail.com

**Forms you must bring with you

WEEO! Photo_media release form

Emergency Contact Form

How to make a WEEO! Swap


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